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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you turn your eyes away for just a moment, to turn back and have lost sight of your child? I think the answer to that is yes, we all have. With Moochies you would be able to immediately call your child and check the GPS, to find their whereabouts and cut out that panic.

No matter where your child is, you know you can always call them. Be it at a friends house; a party; playing in the park; or a weekend with the Grandparents. There are so many moments a parent just wants that extra peace-of-mind to check-in with the children, check they are ok, and let them know they can get hold of you whenever they wish.

With the ability to connect with your child at the push of a button, you can afford to relax a little, and let them have that bit more freedom.

Make and receive calls directly from the watch.

Voice Calling

Make and receive calls directly from the watch.

Our Moochies watch works the same way as a normal phone would. Make and receive calls from anyone, or block incoming calls from stranger phone numbers. You can save up to 50 contacts, in the Contact List, through our app so that your kid can then scroll through the Contact List on the watch and call the one they want with a single press in the watch’s screen. That simple.

Track your child via GPS at any time. Anywhere in the world.

GPS Tracking

Track your child at any time. Anywhere in the world.

Using the Moochies app, you can see your child’s location on a map at any time, anywhere in the world, provided the watch has connection to internet. Even if your kid is travelling overseas, you can still check his/her location.

* Accuracy level will depend on the coverage/signal the watch has, but it is normally within 0-20 metres accuracy, when you have a great connection level

Class Mode

Video Camera

Capture those Special Moments

The Moochies Smartphone watch has a built in video camera which allows your kids to record and send you video messages as well as capturing still photos to be shared with your loved ones.

Set up safe zones to be notified if your kid leaves those places.

Safe Zones

Set up safe zones to be notified if your kid leaves those places.

Moochies Smart Phone watch Safe Zones feature are perimeters around a location, such as home, school or a friend’s house that you create using the Moochies app, so you can be notified if your child wander off these specific areas.

Receive a notification if your child is in distress


Receive a notification if your child is in distress.

In the event of an emergency or if you child feels in distress, he/she can easily press a side button on the watch for 5 seconds, which will then record a 30 seconds voice message to be sent to the parent, notifying the child is in distress, so that you can contact them straight away.

It's as simple as 1-2-3!

Easy Setup

It's as simple as 1-2-3!

Moochies Smart Phone Watch ships with a detailed and an easy to follow guide to take you through the set up process. Download The App. Insert the Sim Card into the watch and pair it to the Moochies Guardian App. It's as simple as that!

Customise your Moochies with our interchangable straps

Interchangable Straps

Customise your Moochies for a cool new look

Moochies Smart Phone Watch has a range of coloured and striped interchangable straps available from our store. Simple to change, choose from a selection of straps to go with different styles for your kids.

Touch Screen for ease of use

Touch Screen

Easily flick through the watch’s screen

Intuitive touch screen displays allows kids to quickly and easily navigate through the menu options and make calls and send voice messages to the loved ones, and much more.

No need for kids to remember long numbers ever again!


No need for kids to remember long numbers ever again!

With Moochies Smart Phone Watch, contacts are pre-installed from the Moochies Guardian App so there is no need for the child to remember the parent's phone numbers. Using the Moochies Guardian App, you can identify and synchronize as many contact phone numbers as you want, so the child will go through a list on the watch's screen and call that contact.



Keep track of your kid’s activities

Exercising is a good thing for every person, and specially for the young ones. Keep track of your kid’s steps through the Pedometer feature on your Moochies Smart Phone Watch, and easily set up goals for them to achieve.

Class Mode

Class Mode

Don’t worry about your Moochies watch disturbing class times

Easily set up times in which the watch can’t receive phone calls, or be used other than just checking the time. Perfect solution for those times that having a super cool and intelligent watch wouldn’t be handy (especially when a teacher is around!)

Never let your little one miss the time again


Never let your little one miss the time again

Create and set up as many alarms as you want, to easily remind your kids of specific events/duties. Learning about a routine always help your kids to be more responsible, while teaching them about time and duties. Especially when it is time to wake up, time to play outside, time to finish off that homework.

Keep in touch with your little one sending text or voice messages.


Keep in touch with your little one sending text or voice messages.

Moochies smart watch can now receive text messages, sent through the Moochies Guardian App, and send and receive voice messages as well directly into/from the watch. Specially for those occasions where you want to quickly communicate without calling.

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